Brief info

She has a Bachelors Degree in Social Science and a BA Honours in Industrial Psychology and has experience working with civil society, corporate and government. Her experience in grassroots communities and civil society across South Africa has shaped her passion for encouraging African startups to create their own narrative on a global scale. She has extensive knowledge about the startup journey, funding processes and business strategies.

Nireshnee has also worked with Viroshen Chetty to stimulate curiosity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) among Grades 4-9 school learners. This has taken the form of Mind Blown, a card collectable game that will be launched nationally in 2019. Their action-research pilot project was conducted from 2016-2018 and they worked with over 5 000 learners, educators, organisations and education specialists in Kwa-Zulu Natal to ensure that the final product will have tangible results.

As co-founder of FilmCraft, Nireshnee has worked with over 350 civil society organisations in order to upskill them with video advocacy skills. This has led to the creation of the Grace Aid Mini-Film Festival and Oxfam Australia Partner Organisation Film Festival. As a strong advocate for creating awareness around social justice issues facing South Africans, she has also produced documentaries on these issues and volunteered at numerous community organisations.

As a researcher, Nireshnee has worked with startup companies to find their core strengths and strategies in order to leverage their business idea with investors.

She has managed social media presence for provincial departments and private business and has written for print and online newspapers and magazines.

Nireshnee has edited numerous non-fiction books on South African history, newspaper articles and content for corporate promotions.

She also has experience in marketing and has worked with national retailers in the publishing sector. She has overseen the launch of numerous books and promotions.

In her various roles, Nireshnee has gained considerable hands-on experience in communications for government, corporate and civil society. She has built a reliable network of writers, editors, graphic designers, film-makers, startup founders, app developers, business leaders and media personnel.

Nireshnee believes in the power of story and has experience in publishing and film as a publisher, editor, writer, researcher, social media marketer, film producer and video advocacy trainer.