Startup Pitch Deck Design

Is Your Pitch Deck Costing You Crucial Investment? Don't let your pitch deck design jeopardise your next funding round.

Standing in front of investors is the critical moment for all startups. It determines whether you can scale at a super-fast speed or trudge along on the road to mediocrity. Imagine if you’ve spent several months and thousands of rands building a product ready to launch to the world only to crash and burn horribly during your investor pitch.
Not a pretty sight.

‘The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.’ – Jimmy Johnson


Why Your Startup Is Different

Saying you have no similar competitors is a sure-fire way to drive investors away from your business. Your Pitch Deck must show what you do differently from your competitors.


Why You’re a Solid Investment

In the end, it really boils down to the hard numbers. Is your business going to pay off as an investment? Show your traction and your financial projections.


Why They Need To Take Action Now

What is the urgency? You need to find a reason for them to believe that shouldn’t sit on the decision to invest in you. Is there a crisis in that sector that your idea can solve? Is the space ripe for disruption? 



That You’re Credible and They Can Trust You

Who are you? Who are your team members? Why should investors give you the time of the day or trust you? If you and your founding team are not perceived to be credible, you can forget about investors writing you a cheque.


The question is:

Are you equipped to communicate these to your investors?

You might be passionate about your idea, but to investors, you are ‘just another startup‘. What determines the funding might not be how good your product is…

It’s about telling a powerful and persuasive story.

Focus on running your business, leave your pitch deck to professionals

What if you could leave your pitch deck in the hands of professionals and focus on doing what you do best – building your business. No more having to worry about what colors look best on your slide or wondering whether your story is going to convince investors.

Fund-Raising Startups Trust Us To Tell Their Story

Pitch decks don’t always come naturally to founders, that’s why we’re here.