ICO Deck Design

ICO Deck Designs

ICO Deck Designs that get your cryptocurrency token funded Successful ICOs are one part great cutting-edge technology and one part communicating these to investors digitally and offline.

ICO Decks are the new white papers. So you’re building the next big thing on the blockchain, we get it. You’ve put together the tech, the smart contracts and all the necessary bits in anticipation of your Initial Coin Offering. You might have even written your own white paper. But really, who reads whitepapers anymore?

Here’s the truth of what’s going to make or break your ICO:

It’s not about whether your technology is a ‘world’s first’ on the blockchain. The success of your ICO hinges on how well you communicate the potential and usage of your Token to prospective cryptocurrency investors so they understand exactly what you’re raising funds for.

A successful ICO is no easy feat. Crypto-investors have become more savvy and consider a variety of factors before they invest their hard-earned Ethereum, NEO or Bitcoin tokens.

They will consider the following:

Tokens with Real Utility and Potential

Token holders must feel that the tokens they buy today will either appreciate or become useful in future when the blockchain tech product is developed.

Solutions with Massive Potential

Investors want to know that your solution scales and has real-world application, not just blowing hot air to raise some fast cash.

Strong, Technically Capable Teams

You need to communicate that your team is made up of either prolific individuals or ones that have a proven track record of success, backed by technical experts.

Are you working on the next big thing on the Blockchain?

We can help you communicate your complex blockchain theories to investors to boost your ICO proceeds and token prices. Drop us a line to find out more.