Business Consulting

We want you to succeed

If startup founders cannot communicate their ideas, they will fail to inspire their teams, their products will not sell and they will find it difficult to pitch for funding needed to grow their business. Pitch Bright’s workshops will leave entrepreneurs with proven processes to transform their startup from the ordinary to a riveting visual story.

We will help you fine-tune your idea so that you can communicate it effortlessly to investors, your startup team and the app developers you are working with. Our strategy sessions and skills workshops equip entrepreneurs and teams with the right techniques to showcase exactly what investors are looking when they make funding decisions.

Training formats and strategy sessions vary according to your company’s unique requirements:

Luncheon Seminars 
Get a crash-course introduction to understanding what investors look for and how to position your startup.

Customized Master Classes
We create tailored sessions for your organization so you and your team can do a deep dive into how to position your startup. Unpack your unique selling point, financial projections, the road ahead and so much more.

Let us empower you and your team in person or on Skype.